How It Works!

Why Jet Exchange?

Have you lost a profitable opportunity while searching through thousands of emails trying to book your charter? Did it take you too long to find that perfect match and now it is gone? JetXchange had your match waiting for you from the moment you started searching!

How does it work?

JetXchange utilizes proprietary software to scan all possible flight matches by searching every flight route, date, jet type and safety rating. Simply post as usual within the marketplace, or from your JetXchange account, and we will deliver you every flight match directly to your computer and mobile device.

Who is it for?

Our software is for users that are tired of wasting time and losing money. Intelligent charter professionals spend less time searching emails and more time booking flights with JetXchange.

What’s in it for me?

With JetXchange you will book more flights, make more money, and enjoy more time with your loved ones. You’ll never miss an opportunity again. In fact, you may even turn your phone off every once in a while. :)

Backed by industry experts

JetXchange customer support is a team of software professionals with years of experience in the charter industry. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with first-class support. We’re available when your available.

Less Searching. More Booking.

Discover Your Matches Instantly.